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The Instrument of Government

1. The supreme legislative authority of the Nationstates Region known as Cromwells England, and any associated offsite forums, shall be and reside in one Person: the style of this Person shall be the “Lord Protector of the Cromwells England.”

2. The exercise of the chief magistracy and the administration of the government over the said Region and Offsite Forums, and the people thereof, shall be in the Lord Protector, assisted with a council styled as “The Council of State”

3. That all writs, processes, commissions, patents, grants, and other things shall run in the name and style of the Lord Protector, from whom, for the future, shall be derived all magistracy and honours in this Region and Offsite Forum; and have the power of pardons (except in cases of treason, or expulsion by Nationstates moderators) and benefit of all forfeitures for the public use; and shall govern the said Region and Offsite Forums in all things by the advice of the Council of State, and according to these presents and the laws.

4. The Lord Protector, the Parliament sitting, shall dispose and order any and all militia and forces, both by sea and land, for the peace and good of the Region, by consent of Parliament; and the Lord Protector, with the advice and consent of the majority of the Council of State, shall dispose and order the militia for the ends aforesaid in the intervals of Parliament.

5. The Lord Protector, by the advice aforesaid, shall direct in all things concerning the keeping and holding of a good correspondency with foreign kings, princes, and states; and also, with the consent of the major part of the Council of State, have the power of war and peace.

6. The laws shall not be altered, suspended, abrogated, or repealed, nor any new law made, nor any tax, charge, or imposition laid upon the people, but by common consent in Parliament, save only as is expressed in the thirtieth article.

7. There shall be a Parliament summoned to meet in the appropriate Westminster subforum, and that successively a Parliament shall be summoned once every two months, to be accounted from the dissolution of the present Parliament.

8. Neither the Parliament to be next summoned, nor any successive Parliaments, shall, during the time of 3 weeks, to be counted from the day of their first meeting, be adjourned, prorogued, or dissolved, without their own consent.

9. The next, as all other successive Parliaments, shall be summoned and elected in manner hereafter expressed: Persons wishing to run for office must be made citizens at minimum 10 days prior to elections, Persons are to be elected based on the majority number of votes received, and that all Persons who are made citizens at minimum 5 days prior to elections may be eligible to vote.

10. The number of Persons in the first and all succeeding Parliaments must be an odd number, and that number shall be no fewer than three.

11. All and every Person and Persons, who have aided, advised, assisted, or abetted in any war against the Parliament shall be disabled and incapable to be elected, or to give any vote in the election of any members to serve in the next Parliament, or in the three succeeding Parliaments.

12. All such who have advised, assisted, or abetted rebellion, shall be disabled and incapable for ever to be elected, or give any vote in the election of any member to serve in Parliament or any succeeding Parliament.

13. All votes and elections given or made contrary, or not according to these qualifications, shall be null and void; and if any Person, who is hereby made incapable, shall give his/her vote for election of members to serve in Parliament, such Person shall lose and forfeit their citizenship.

14. Persons who shall be elected to serve in Parliament, shall be such (and no other than such) as are Persons of known integrity, fearing God, and of good conversation, and being a member of the citizenry for at least 10 days prior to elections.

15. Members of Parliament, shall be sworn before they enter into their offices, truly and faithfully

16. That the Persons so chosen and assembled in manner aforesaid, or any sixty of them, shall be, and be deemed the Parliament of the Region known as Cromwells England; and the supreme legislative power to be and reside in the Lord Protector and such Parliament, in manner herein expressed.

17. The Lord Protector, with the advice of the majority of the Council, shall at any other time than is before expressed, when the necessities of the State shall require it, summon Parliaments in manner before expressed, which shall not be adjourned, prorogued, or dissolved without their own consent, during the first three weeks of their sitting. And in case of future war with any foreign State, a Parliament shall be forthwith summoned for their advice concerning the same.

18. All Bills agreed unto by the Parliament, shall be presented to the Lord Protector for his consent; and in case he shall not give his consent or give satisfaction to the Parliament, upon declaration of the Parliament that the Lord Protector hath not consented nor given satisfaction, such Bills shall pass into and become laws, although he shall not give his consent thereunto; provided such Bills contain nothing in them contrary to the matters contained in these presents.

19. The Parliament shall elect an officer from amongst its Members, hereafter called the Speaker. The Speaker, in his capacity to preside over Parliament, ensure civility and creative discussion amongst the Members of Parliament, keep count of votes on motions, keep count of votes on bills, act without malice towards any member, do no act for any promise, fear,favor, or reward, and, most importantly, send bills to seek consent from the Lord Protector.

20. The Lord Protector shall have a Council of State, which shall assist him in the exercise of chief magistracy and the administration of the government over the said Region and Offsite Forums.

21. The Council of State shall include, at minimum, the members listed hereafter: The Chief Minister, The Deputy Minister, the Secretaries of matters Foreign, Domestic, and Cultural, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Protector-In-Waiting

22. The Lord Protector and the major part of the Council aforesaid may, at any time before the meeting of the next Parliament, add to the Council such Persons as they shall think fit, provided the quorum to be proportioned accordingly by the Lord Protector and the major part of the Council.

23. The Chief Minister shall be the Head of Government, submissive in this capacity only to the Lord Protector. He shall be a Member of Parliament, and shall enjoy the majority support of its Members.

24. The Chief Minister shall appoint a Deputy Minister. The Deputy Minister shall assist the Chief Minister in his administration of government, in the matter that the Chief Minister sees fit.

25. The Chief Minister shall appoint Secretaries for matters Foreign, Domestic, and Cultural. They shall assist the Chief Minister in the matters aforementioned, as determined by the needs of the Region.

26. There shall be a court, supreme in matters pertaining to law, government and this writing. This court shall be styled as “The Supreme Court.” It shall be presided over by a Chief Justice.

27. If needed, the Lord Protector, with major consent of the Council of State and, if he so wishes, with legislative act, additional Justices in a number sufficient so that there will always be an odd number of Justices. Any and all additional Justices created after this writing shall be submissive to the Chief Justice.

28. Upon the death or abdication of the Lord Protector, another fit Person shall succeed him in the Government. There shall be no requirement made enforceable that such a Person be of relation to the Lord Protector.

29. Alister Cromwell, Captain-General of the forces of Cromwells England, shall be, and is hereby declared to be, Lord Protector of Cromwells England and any Offsite Forum, for his life.

30. Every successive Lord Protector over this Region and its Offsite Forum shall take and subscribe a solemn oath, in the presence of the Council, and such others as they shall call to them, that he will seek the peace, quiet and welfare, cause law and justice to be equally administered; and that he will not violate or infringe the matters and things contained in this writing, and in all other things will, to his power and to the best of his understanding, govern this Region according to the laws, statutes, and customs thereof.

31. Each Person of the Council of State shall, before they enter upon their trust, take and subscribe an oath, that they will be true and faithful in their trust, according to the best of their knowledge; and that in the advisement of the current and every successive Lord Protector they shall proceed therein impartially, and do nothing therein for any promise, fear, favour or reward.

32. All laws, statutes and ordinances, and clauses in any law, statute or ordinance to the contrary of this Instrument of Government, shall be esteemed as null and void.33. All laws, statutes and ordinances, and clauses in any law, statute or ordinance apply to the Region and Offsite Forum, and any other associated websites or applications used in the future.

34. This Instrument of Government can be amended by legislative action, by decree of the Lord Protector, or by a referendum of the people in which two-thirds of votes cast are in the affirmative.


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